Mind Body Spirit Massage
Offering Healing & Nurturing Therapeutic Touch Incall & Outcall.
Christopher Boothby, LMT #11642

Massage heals on many levels. The health of our minds, bodies and spirits are inextricably and magically interwoven. It has long been documented that infants who are deprived of sufficient touch will fail to thrive. It is not too big a stretch to conclude that as adults we enhance our lives by receiving nurturing touch. Massage benefits include:

  • Relaxation
  • release of chronic muscle tension
  • increased joint flexibility
  • relief from mental stress
  • soft tissue healing
  • improved circulation
  • support for emotional well-being
Massage helps to reconnect us to our physical bodies and promotes improved health through increased body awareness.

Enjoy a session in my comfortable inner SE studio, or in the comfort of your home or hotel room

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