Christopher Boothby

About MBS Massage

At Mind Body Spirit, the choice is yours: simple relaxation, recovery from exertion, or the relief of complex stress derived from a challenging past, present or future. Whichever you choose, Christopher Boothby will draw upon considerable experience and compassionate, respectful listening to be sure that your wellness goals are met.

While ordinary bodywork may bring extraordinary pleasure and symptomatic relief, with Christopher you'll also have the option of moving beyond relaxation to treatment at the causal level, where deep work will help remove obstructions to the movement of energy between body parts, increasing your vitality, joy and potential. In a typical session, you'll experience not only restoration, but an enduring rejuvenation only possible when client and massage therapist are aligned in a safe and collaborative journey using the intelligence and experience of both. 

Christopher Boothby draws on a unique sense of mechanics and structure from his first career as an award-winning architect to create a nurturing, flexible style of care that attends to each client as a living, evolving system of mind, body and spirit.

Christopher’s work is a blend of Swedish, Reiki, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue techniques. Sessions are tailored for your individual needs and preferences.

Private individual &/or couples massage instruction is also available. Call or email to discuss formats and rates.